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Success Stories

We have some great ones. Any agency can talk a good game about client success – but at MGME, we have decades-long partnerships and client relationships to back it up. Success for our clients comes in many shapes and sizes. Some want to transform their people’s thinking. Some are looking for a motivation boost. Others simply want their people to have the time of their lives. Whatever your KPIs, MGME is here to make them happen.

That’s why so many clients keep coming back – the quality of our meeting and event planning teams, the meticulous attention to every detail and our knock-your-socks-off execution. Always creatively driven but with a focused strategic purpose, these are MGME’s hallmarks. Read through some of our success stories and get inspired.

Fortune 100 Pharma Streaming Broadcast

Fortune 100 Pharma Streaming Broadcast

Working with a limited budget, our Fortune 100 pharmaceutical client needed a cost-effective solution to reach health care providers (HCPs) across the country. MGME setup two livestream broadcasts with live faculty members streaming to over 2000 attendees across 150 venues, nationally.

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